"Typically our clients are executives and entrepreneurs from all domains who want to inspire more creative and innovative ideas for themselves and their teams, but are having troubles to find a good process and get the results.

We take them through our proven three steps coaching process and help them getting their results by applying the method of using the power of sound and creative action with their topics."

At THS sounds words & life Thomas Schauffert and team guarantees with immense inspirational ability that our clients achieve their visions and goals step by step into their reality.

If you are looking for new impulses for your company or team, or want to develop on your personal basis, THS sounds words & life will make you aware of new horizons.

The combination and the use of professional know how out of art and music into the different areas of development of our customers is the basis of our energy and your success.

At THS sounds words & life we take the freedom to study the world and its development with very wide angle, just to give these experiences to you for your benefit.

And believe us our horizons are wide, with no limits, let us surprise you.

Please contact us at info@ths-development.net so we can get to know your project and your request.

We are looking forward to all that can be with a lot of enthusiasm, inspiration and joy.

With sonorous regards
Thomas Schauffert