Retreats and seminares

"Open Spirit And No Limit", aswell as the "THS-cycle", intergal, inter disciplinary approach for the "Creative Self Empowerment", are our two basis for the Retreat-Journeys and seminars of THS sounds words & life.

We are very convinced about the fact, that self responsibilty, mutual two-way inspiration, as well as the human openess and support are the keys to your personal success.

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 Retreat-Journeys: "ART IN LIFE, Open Spirit No Limit", your personal, inspireing "Retreat"!

 Seminars: We offer tailor made seminars in the area of:

An integral, interdisciplinary approach for "Creative Self Empowerment".


The THS-cycle:

Opening => Silence => Focus => Self responsibility => Action => Communication => Quantum leap => Opening => Silence => Focus => Self responsibility => Action =>...........

and all this we do with music, voice and physicalness, read more here.....

The THS-approach:
1. Opening/perception
With elements from actor training and music we increase our reaction skills, flexibility and permeability.
2. Silence
With the power of sounds and mental methods we reach calmness and serenity.
3. Focus
Inspired in the free space of stillness we focus consciously on our next actions.
4. Creativity and action
We listen with full confidence to our inner impulses and convert these in creativity with brave.
5. Communication
With a lot of humor we do exercises by applying body language, our voice and music. In a direct and authentic way we train to communicate and built a constructive and inspiring exchange on "the stage of life".

THS-music, Sounds Words & Life, in all their activities is focusing on applying music, voice and physicalness to develop the full potential of our customers.