Business Development International

What is business development for THS sounds words & life?

Do you have a product, service or business idea?

Then look no further. We ensure your business is focused optimally for your target markets, and that your product reaches your customers and the market within the time demanded.  

Do you want to get started or increase your business from outside into Switzerland or Europe? Or do you want to conquer international markets from Switzerland?

  • Developing of the product, marketing and communication strategy

  • Securing the product competences through our own product management

  • We offer our personal exclusive network management

  • Implementation and putting into action of the marketing and communication strategy

At THS sounds words & life we have numerous high quality national, international personal connections as well as networks that we can offer to our partners and their projects.

We are looking forward to supporting and working directly with you, and celebrating your future business success.

Please let us know your goals and send us a mail to .