Thomas Schauffert


  • Master in electrical engineering
  • Life -Coach
  • Musician
  • Composer
  • Producer
  • Manager
  • Business man
  • Consultant
  • Networker

He is an electromecanic and electrical engineer. Further he trained himself at the jazz school with various teachers and courses as a musician, composer and producer.

For over 15 years he is active in leading positions as manager for different companies in the branches machine industry, retail trade and enterprise services. He completed seminars in Coaching, Changemanagement, Productmanagement, safety engineering and others. On the other hand it is concerned since more than 20 years with the composition and production of sounds and music pieces. Thomas Schauffert plays piano, keyboard, trumpet, horn, mellophone, drums, percussion, harmonica and sings.

Numerous productions, among others with Guy Fletcher, have his signature.

Since 2008 until today: Thomas Heinz


Ladri di Zucchero


Marc Dean

Gospelnacht Rheinfelden
Guy Fletcher 1996
Mark Dean CD-Kritik Deutschland
Mark Dean im Blick

Stepping Out

Montreux Doppelstab 1995
Baslerstab 1994
Konzerte 1993-1995
Sommercasino 1994